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Here are some of the most common questions we receive.

1. How much do you charge?

    All of Ghost Hunters of Southeast Texas' services are completely free. GHoST is committed to the belief that no one should ever be charged for our services

2. So
my house is haunted now what?

    At this point, we can go over the many options available to you depending on your individual situation.  They range from ,but are not limited, to simply leaving the situation alone to cleansings of the home/site. Each case and its findings will change what the outcome may be.

3. Can I have guests during the investigation?

    While it is your home, we generally advise the less the better. However, a guest that makes you feel at ease will always be ok. The more commotion going on can make spirits less active and can lead to false positives.

4. What does it mean when positive EMF readings are found?

    The team may have recorded anomalous fluctuations in the electromagnetic field, which may indicate a spirit presence. It is scientifically impossible for low level and moving electromagnetic fields to occur naturally, yet we find these fields in areas where there is spirit activity reported. An EMF meter is an instrument that reads the fluctuation in electromagnetic fields. When GHoST members first arrive, preliminary EMF readings are taken and recorded at various places throughout the site. The locations of power lines, appliances and other sources of electromagnetic fields are also noted.. Most normal readings are in the range of 9.0 - 30.0 on the EMF meter. These are typical EMF readings in a home. Anything that registers in the 1.0 to the 8.0 ranges and cannot be traced to a source is attributed to spirit activity. An example of a source would be an electrical outlet in a wall. It is commonly accepted that spirits are a form of energy and that EMF meters detect that low level of energy accurately.  

5.What are EVPs?

    EVP or  Electronic Voice Phenomenon is believed to be a voice of a spirit. This voice or sound is not generally heard at the time of recording. It has been imprinted directly onto the recording medium. The GHoST team may have recorded one or more EVPs during your investigation. This evidence would be included in your report either on DVD or a CD.


6. What does it mean if my house has cold spots? What causes it?

Abnormal and unexplainable temperature drops may have been detected with our infrared non-contact thermometers. These thermometers only read surface temperatures. A change in temperature means that something the thermometer detected as solid passed in front of it. GHoST looks for any temperature drops of 10 degrees or more in less that one minute that does not stay in the same area or occurs again. It is believed that spirits use the heat energy in the air to manifest and this can cause cold spots. The energy that comprises the spirit or the energy around it (like orbs) may also be the source of the cold spots. An example of what GHoST would call a significant cold spot would be a 35 degree temperature drop recorded for about 4 seconds in the basement that was accompanied by a positive photo of an orb.

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