Ghost Hunters of Southeast Texas




July 21, 2014


We would like to thank Ghost Hunters of Southeast Texas for their help in restoring order in our home.

In order to explain how they helped us, we’ll need to explain the problems we were experiencing.  We moved to our new home about ten years ago and everything seemed fine.  Earlier this year, that changed.  We started experiencing some strange things.  At first, there were small things like the toilet paper hanging in the restroom started unrolling by itself.  There was about ˝ a roll & the entire thing fell to the floor.  This happened 3 different times, twice in the master bathroom & once in our son’s bathroom. 

Next, something in the house seemed to be terrorizing our family pet.  Our nine year old dog, who is normally quite calm, was extremely frightened by someone or something in the house.  While we were at work one day, she chewed through 6 sets of blinds & knocked over a heavy sofa table in an attempt to get out of the house.  She would stare at the ceiling or down the hall & whine.  During about a month long period, she would frequently refuse to come in the house.  She hates getting wet and during this time she found it preferable to sit in the rain rather than come in the house.

The last thing that happed really unnerved me.  We were getting ready for a party.  I had just placed a very large, heavy & cold pot of gumbo on the stove top.  I left it there & turned around to put a cheese tray together.  While I was working on that, my dog came & sat under my feet, facing the direction of the stove.  She was whining & seemed very anxious.  When I turned around the pot had boiled over creating a pretty big mess.  The burner wasn’t on & the pot was still cold.

 It was at this point, that we decided it was time to find someone to help us.  Not having any idea of who to turn to, we did a little research online & were fortunate enough to connect with Ghost Hunters of Southeast Texas.  Reichal & Matthew Winn are the co-founders of this group.  They were extremely kind and professional.  They drove quite a distance to our house to conduct a full investigation.  After setting up their equipment and spending several hours going through our house, they found three different apparitions - one of which had been connected to a community that existed in the vicinity of our property in the early 1800’s.  This particular spirit actually admitted to being the one responsible for the problems we had been experiencing.

 After the investigation was competed, they decided a cleansing would be necessary in order to bring peace back to our home.  This is a Christian based ceremony which utilizes prayer and the anointing of all entrances & exits in the home.

 We are pleased to say that our home has been back to normal for several months.  We truly appreciate their understanding & the help they provided.  While we do not wish anyone to have to go through a similar experience, if you do, Ghost Hunters of Southeast Texas is your best bet!

 One more thing bears mentioning, when all was said and done, we tried to make a donation to this organization and they absolutely refused.  They truly believe this is something they are called upon to do & that accepting payment would be wrong.  We know they are truly blessed with a wonderful gift, and we are forever grateful they shared it with us.


Many thanks,

C & K **********