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Weather Conditions:

Warm Upper 80's, 67% humidity, Barometer 29.94 light ENE winds,

Geomagnetic Activity:


Solar Activity:

Class C X-rays Active

Moon Phase:

Waning Crescent, 15%

Equipment Used:

Camera Equipment:

Kodak EasyShare c160, c180 Kodak kcgpe

EMF Detectors:

ELF Zone


Hand Held Non-Contact

EVP Equipment:

RCA Digital , Olympus Digital, Sony Digital RCA voice recorder:vr5220-a

Video Equipment

Zmodo 4 camera DVR Inferred camera system

Sony Handicam

Vivitar night vision video/camera

Other Equipment:

Laser Grid w/ Tripod

IR motion sensors

Dowsing Rods

Red Lens Flashlight

 Misc. Items

2-way Radios

Coin Control



Case History


Date Of Investigation: 04/25/14
Time: 8:00 pm
Investigators on Scene: Matthew Winn, Reichal Winn, Donna Mullins
Photos taken: 82
Positive Photos:1
EVP's: 3
Anomalous EMF readings: 0
Anomalous temperature changes: 0
Video: Several (Orb activity )


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*Investigation notes*

During the investigation the team made contact with several spirits. One of the spirits was believed to be a bald squatty man that possibly lived in the town before the area had changed. Another spirit was of a young girl that was crying and very sad. GHoST believes this could have been a residual spirit. Finally, the sister of Mrs. ******   was felt at the home and made her presence known to us all. After a thorough investigation of the home we deemed the home to be haunted and were asked to do a home cleansing.



*Case Update *

After the cleansing and upon a follow up email the clients did feel a change in the atmosphere in the house and noticed that the dog is acting different than initially reported.  The following is a letter from the clients