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Weather Conditions:

Partly cloudy 87F 77% humidity, Dew Point 76 light south winds

Geomagnetic Activity:


Solar Activity:

X-rays are active

Moon Phase:

New moon

Equipment Used:

Camera Equipment:

Kodak EasyShare c160, c180 Kodak kcgpe

EMF Detectors:

ELF Zone


Hand Held Non-Contact

EVP Equipment:

RCA Digital , Olympus Digital, Sony Digital RCA voice recorder:vr5220-a

Video Equipment

Zmodo 4 camera DVR Inferred camera system

Sony Handicam

Vivitar night vision video/camera

Other Equipment:

Laser Grid w/ Tripod

IR motion sensors

Dowsing Rods

Red Lens Flashlight

 Misc. Items

2-way Radios

Coin Control



Case History

   The Owners of the home emailed GHoST stating they had seen a tall man in their home. The experienced several electrical issues, hot and cold spots, and objects in bathroom being moved. They had sounds of knocking, whispering, and music being heard. It was being experienced by all in the house including animals and visitors.

Date Of Investigation: 7/26/2014
Time: 8:00pm
Investigators on Scene: Matthew, Reichal, Donna
Photos taken:  97
Positive Photos: 16
EVP's:  20
Anomalous EMF readings: 0
Anomalous temperature changes: 3
Video: Several video spots to be posted




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Investigation Notes

Our investigation team experienced battery drainage, headache and nausea in the spare bedroom. Reichal noticed a urine smell while sitting on the bed but no one else could smell it. We noted that this can be caused by the dogs going in the room and urinating on the bed without the owners knowing.  Upon moving the investigation to the master bedroom we did hear the door alarm in the master bedroom that was installed by GHoST. It was noted that the alarm was no longer attached to the door. It’s location was proof that it did not simply fall off but was pulled or thrown. Matthew left the room while Donna laid in Mike’s bed and Reichal in Lucy’s. Donna began experiencing burning eyes, red face and freezing back. Reichal felt something bump into the bed. When the entity was asked by Reichal if it had bumped into the bed, the alarm was thrown off the door again. The team then moved into the master bathroom where they believe they seen an apparition standing behind the door. Donna began feeling extreme nausea again thus aiding in the decision to wrap up the investigation. While walking back through the master bedroom, Donna stopped in her tracks due to feeling like something had walked right through her. When Matt grabbed her as she stumbled backwards, he noted that she was freezing to the touch.

 GHoST found this house to be haunted and gave the client an option of a cleansing. After the cleansing the client did have a sense of relief.

Client Letter