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Weather Conditions:

Partly cloudy 87F 77% humidity, Dew Point 76 light south winds

Geomagnetic Activity:


Solar Activity:

X-rays are active

Moon Phase:

New moon

Equipment Used:

Camera Equipment:

Kodak EasyShare c160, c180 Kodak kcgpe

EMF Detectors:

ELF Zone


Hand Held Non-Contact

EVP Equipment:

RCA Digital , Olympus Digital, Sony Digital RCA voice recorder:vr5220-a

Video Equipment

Zmodo 4 camera DVR Inferred camera system

Sony Handicam

Vivitar night vision video/camera

Other Equipment:

Laser Grid w/ Tripod

IR motion sensors

Dowsing Rods

Red Lens Flashlight

 Misc. Items

2-way Radios

Coin Control


Case History

The client had seen shadow people, doors slamming, the dogs barking at unseen things, nightmares and they added that "Ex wife admitted she was into witchcraft and admitted she was trying to put some spell on me to make me sick etc."


Date Of Investigation: 7/26/2014
Time: 8:00pm
Investigators on Scene: Matthew, Reichal, Donna
Photos taken: 87
Positive Photos:0
EVP's: 1
Anomalous EMF readings: 0
Anomalous temperature changes: 0
Video: Several unexplained orb like lights


*Case Notes *

While setting up equipment, none of our cameras wanted to stay up. We kept hearing the camera fall in the master bedroom specifically.  The team had several experiences from being scratched to stabbing pains and breathing difficulties.

After our investigation we conducted a cleansing.  As we were conducting the cleansing in the master bedroom the mirror on the dresser fell over almost hitting the tenant of the rent house in the head.  GHoST did advise Lance to get rid of any and all crystals and/or candles that were ****** that could have possibly aided in the sťances or spells.  At the end of the cleansing the client claimed to feel more relaxed and was looking forward to a good night sleep.

*Case Update *

The clients removed all items from the home and live there at peace.