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Weather Conditions:

Warm, Light NW winds, 82% humidity, 29.96 barometric pressure

Geomagnetic Activity:

Minor Storm Warning

Solar Activity:

M- class flares detected

Moon Phase:

Waxing Crescent
Illumination: 26% 

Equipment Used:

Camera Equipment:

Kodak EasyShare c160, c180 Kodak kcgpe

EMF Detectors:

ELF Zone


Hand Held Non-Contact

EVP Equipment:

RCA Digital , Olympus Digital, Sony Digital RCA voice recorder:vr5220-a

Video Equipment

Zmodo 4 camera DVR Inferred camera system

Sony Handicam

Vivitar night vision video/camera

Other Equipment:

Laser Grid w/ Tripod

IR motion sensors

Dowsing Rods

Red Lens Flashlight

 Misc. Items

2-way Radios

Coin Control




Case History

   After having another team out to investigate and getting no help the home owner contact GHoST. They stated that they were hearing things in the attic, seeing shadow people, their dog did not like to be in the home and spent its time next door. They had small object disappear and reappear, problems with the phone, (we even had issues contacting them at times) and that they were being physically touch but an unseen force.

Date Of Investigation: 08/02/14
Time: 8:00pm
Investigators on Scene: Matthew Reichal and Lydia
Photos taken: 154
Positive Photos:0
EVP's: 0 (Had 5 recorders all malfunctioned)
Anomalous EMF readings: 12
Anomalous temperature changes: 0
Video: 0

*Case Notes *

   During the investigation GHoST made contact with an entity believed to have a name beginning with an ďAĒ while in ***** room. While in the sonís room GHoST witnessed the EMF reader changing from green to yellow. GHoST sat in the front room and felt something very negative. The negative entity that was in there was causing the room to become darker. GHoST did notice that every time the air conditioner would kick on there would be noises coming from the attic. Unfortunately, GHoST was not able to capture any EVPís due to equipment malfunctioning on all our recorders because of an unknown cause.

*Case Update *

The GHoST team was called out to do a cleaning a second time about 2 weeks later. Left the home and the clients felt better. About 3 months after that the clients said something had returned and it was then revealed that one of the clients was astral projecting ( although she didn't know that what she was doing). At this time we are working to get here the additional help she needs