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Weather Conditions:

overcast humidity 71% visibility 10 miles

wind NNE@ 4mph

Geomagnetic Activity:   Active 

Solar Activity:

Flares  Class M

Moon Phase:

Waxing Crescent 1% illuminated


Equipment Used:

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Case History

GhoST received this haunted assistance request  Client stated she had pictures of orbs.   Her mom had been visited by two ghosts the other day an old man who like Ed Asner and a small child. The man just stood by her bed while the little child played with the moms clothes . On another occasion there was a woman with long blond hair at her door. Julie has felt things but never seen anything. There is a 7 acre “lake” being dug right by her barn and a fraking site is going up on the other side. She believes the massive construction has disturbed the spirits. She had also mentioned that three children and a German Shepherd died in a house fire where her barn is now.

Date Of Investigation: September 25, 2014
Time: 8:00pm
Investigators on Scene: Reichal, Donna, Lydia, and Matthew
Photos taken: 128
Positive Photos:0
EVP's: 6
Anomalous EMF readings: 3
Anomalous temperature changes: 0
Video: 0


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*Case Update *

GHoST made contact with what we believe was a family member who there  in the home to ensure that ****. who was ill, was being cared for properly. In the barn where the fire occurred we did pick up an some residual energies but nothing that interacted with us or our equipment. Because we felt that it was a family member, the family requested no cleansing was done and the family lives in peace with the understanding of what is happening in their home.