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Weather Conditions:

Geomagnetic Activity: Quiet

Solar Activity: M-class solar flares

Moon Phase:

First Quarter 51% illuminated

Equipment Used:

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Case History

   The family contacted GHoST stating that their son  had been having nightmare and was seen a dark man with black eyes. The son would not want to play in certain areas of the home and frequented down stairs because the "man" could not come down stairs. He began talking about hurting his dad. His room stayed very cold. The “monster” that watches him and does not like any of us playing with his toys and has threatened to throw him off from upstairs. It was causing division in the home. It would do things to interrupt the family  while they were praying etc.

Date Of Investigation: 11/29/14
Time: 8pm
Investigators on Scene: Matthew and Reichal
Photos taken: 136
Positive Photos:3
EVP's: 1
Anomalous EMF readings: several
Anomalous temperature changes: 0
Video: 0




*Case Notes *

Prior to the investigation the clients had moved their son to a family members home because of the increased activity and the upcoming investigation. During the investigation we had several unexplained events we had set up motion detectors in the 2nd floor of the home and we began to fell this negative energy walk up and down the hall setting off the alarms as it went back and forth. As the investigation continued the energy became more formed and "visible" to our investigator and we very possessive and direct in what it was trying to communicate with us. With this understanding coupled with prior events we conducting an extremely in-depth blessing/cleansing of the home.

*Case Update *

They currently live in their home quietly and happily and thank GHoST for the help provided.