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Weather Conditions:

Light winds SSE, Cool 50's, 96% humidity, barometric pressure 30.31

Geomagnetic Activity:


Solar Activity:


Moon Phase:

Waning Crescent 20% illuminated

Equipment Used:

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Case History


Date Of Investigation: 01/16/15
Time: 8pm
Investigators on Scene: Donna, Reichal, Stephanie, and Matthew
Photos taken: 150
Positive Photos:0
EVP's: 13
Anomalous EMF readings: 3
Anomalous temperature changes: Several
Video: 2


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Video 1    

   Video 2


*Case Notes *

During the investigation of the home the team had several experiences while there. They first made contact of an older African woman who we believed had something to do with the idea of the underground rail road and was there in a protective like stance. We had several auditory events such as train sound with no rails nearby, and music at key times.

 We also made contact with two other lower level negative entities one was a large skeletal like being and the other was best described as a triangular headed woman. We believe that due to the fact a Ouija board had been present and possibly used at the home lead to their manifestation.

 GHoST found this house to be haunted and gave the client an option of a cleansing. After the cleansing the client did have a sense of relief. Upon review of the evidence we confirmed our findings with video and audio evidence

At this time the client fells comfortable in their home and thanks GHoST for their assistance.