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Weather Conditions:

56 F, 70% humidity, winds 10 mph (North), barometric pressure 30.23

Geomagnetic Storms: Active

Solar Activity: Very Low

Moon Phase: Last Quarter
Illumination: 46%

Equipment Used:

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Case History

   The family contacted us stating they had seen a older woman in the home, some crying and whispering sounds, they had some small electrical problems. They also had pets that would bark at nothing.

Date Of Investigation: 02/12/15
Time: 8pm
Investigators on Scene: Matthew Reichal and Donna
Photos taken: 127
Positive Photos: 0
EVP's: 0
Anomalous EMF readings: Several
Anomalous temperature changes: 0
Video: 0 (Video of EMF meters was captured)

*Case Notes *

   An investigation was done of the home and after the review of evidence in conjunction with the investigation of  the home GHoST believed they were experiencing a residual haunting as it only occurred in the original part of the home and did not occurring in any of the additions.