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Weather Conditions:

Cool mid 70s Dew point 69 Barometer 29.92, light winds

Geomagnetic Activity:

C2 and C4 flares present

Solar Activity:

Speed: 374.9 km/sec
Density: 9.0 protons/cm3

Moon Phase:

Waning Gibbous
Illumination: 57% 

Equipment Used:

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Case History


GHoST was called out the residence; they had described items such as smoke alarms that would react in an unusual way, clients would have vivid nightmares, they were being physically attacked, and seeing shadow figures coupled with the phone interviews GHoST scheduled an immediate preliminary in home meeting. During this meeting, a small bag with blessed objects and holy item “melted” through the bed, subsequently GHoST decided to schedule an immediate investigation.

Date Of Investigation: 04/11/15
Time: 8pm
Investigators on Scene: Matthew, Reichal, Lydia, Donna, Steph, Tig
Photos taken: 182
Positive Photos: 0
EVP's:  0
Anomalous EMF readings: Several
Anomalous temperature changes: Several
Video: 1

Video 1


*Case Notes *  

During the investigation the team had several experiences Matthew picked up on a sarcastic entity that was enjoying mocking us and laughing at our questions and actions.  Donna experienced scratches on her a couple of times. The first time was during set up, then again during the investigation.

Equipment reacted throughout the night including the Ovulis which was very active. GHoST experienced some camera difficulty in the master bedroom. We believed that it was a short in the wire but the following case everything was working fine. Additionally, the date on the DVR camera system was set 13 days prior to the date that we were at the   house. This was the only case that the date and time was changed.

With the investigation, preliminary meeting and coupled with the client experiences, GHoST team felt that a lower level negative entity was infesting the home. A minor home exorcism was conducted and while a couple of minor events happened the following nights based on our clients information the home had remained quiet and free of activity.