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Weather Conditions:

Humidity: 71% Visibility: 10 miles Wind: NNE 4mph

Geomagnetic Activity:


Solar Activity:

X-rays are active

Moon Phase:

Waning crescent 15% full

Equipment Used:

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Case History


  We were made aware that there were four children living in the home. The activity had been going on for quite some time in fact they had another team come out to their home before.  At that time we were told about the vacuum coming on by itself, the TV changing channels and when asked to put it back it would change back to what the client was watching and also things missing. A couple days prior to our investigation we were made aware of a child like figure crouch in the hall way and then taking off running and laughing. Also while vacuuming the girls room, **** thought his daughter was standing behind him but when he turned around it ran out and into the hall but it was not his daughter.

Date Of Investigation: 6/12/2015 and 6/20/15
Time: 845pm
Investigators on Scene: Matthew Donna Reichal
Photos taken: 298
Positive Photos:0
EVP's: 0
Anomalous EMF readings: 0
Anomalous temperature changes: 0

*Case Notes *

   During the investigation equipment continued to malfunction. Two audio recorders with brand new batteries would come on but not record anything. The REM pod was going off at a constant rate. It finally stopped. A camera from the DVR system refused to work also. We went dark and began taking pictures. Every time Reichal would take a picture the rem pod would flash right afterwards. After a couple of tests the rem pod finally just stayed on. The lights would come on but no sound was being heard. Then the red light would come on and we could hear a faint sound associated with it but nothing like you would normally hear.   A thick shadow was seen at the door way of the room and Reichal began having hard time breathing and a heavy nervous feeling. She felt like she was in a corner hiding from something.


A second investigation was conducted the following weekend with additional team members and no positive evidence was collect the home owners declined a cleansing of the home at the time of the second investigation.