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Case History

   The owner of the home was seeing several spirits in her bedroom that progressively became more and more malevolent. Pets were being affected. Visiting family began to witness events.

Date Of Investigation: August 7, 2015
Time: 8pm
Investigators on Scene: Matthew, Reichal, Donna, Lydia,  Steph, Colleen, and Daria
Photos taken: 160
Positive Photos: 2
EVP's: 3
Anomalous EMF readings: many
Anomalous temperature changes: Several
Video: 2




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*Case Notes *


During the Investigation the team made contact with several different spirits from a small child to a group malevolent spirits. We had temperature changes and EMF readings throughout the home. The team members experienced various contacts from cold spots to being touched. 

Additionally our equipment reacted in a strange way as well. 2 EMF detectors did not work properly. (They work now) Several of our recorders have data recorded on them but it is blank. One of our cameras took approx 50 photos several and was reviewed on site and only to have the chip empty when reviewing later.

With the experiences of our investigator coupled with the equipment and events of the night. GHoST deemed the home to have paranormal activity and a in depth home cleansing was needed. After discussing with the $$$ they agreed and a cleansing was performed.  

Mrs. #### did express that she was having new experiences but after a second night the problem relieved itself after removing some artificial flowers from her room. GHoST removed the flowers at the families request and no additional activity has occurred.