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Weather Conditions:

Cool mid 70's, dew point  56o, Barometer 29.90,  winds calm,

Geomagnetic Activity:


Solar Activity:

Solar wind
speed: 320.0 km/sec C1 class flares

Moon Phase:

Waning Gibbous
Illumination: 94%

Equipment Used:

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Case History

   The family in this home was having several different experiences. They would smell cigarette smoke in the master bedroom at times no one smoked and the home had been recently remodeled). They seen shadows in the kitchen and living room. They would feel cold spots throughout the home. It was even affecting the families dog.

Date Of Investigation: October 29th 2015
Time: 7 pm
Investigators on Scene: Donna, Reichal, Matthew, Stephanie, Daria, Colleen
Photos taken: 189
Positive Photos: 0
EVP's: 1 on video
Anomalous EMF readings: several
Anomalous temperature changes: 3
Video: 1 EVP caught on video

*Case Notes *

   Video 1


A fair amount of activity occurred in   ### room as far as interaction with the equipment such as the Ovulis and the K-2 EMF detector. None seemed to feel malicious. It was noted by several investigators that the Master bedroom seemed quiet in comparison to other while in the master bedroom Donna and Reichal had interaction on the EMF device during Q&A. We picked up on the names Rob and Mary later research found no connection to these names. We did smell the cigarette smoke in the master bedroom described by our clients frequently throughout the night.

Following the investigation, we completed a cleansing and protection barrier around the home of our clients. The activity stopped and the family lives quietly in the home to this day.