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GHoST's mission is to aid any individuals having problems dealing with or understanding something they believe to be paranormal activity. Our team of trained professional investigators have  been investigating the supernatural for years. GHoST will investigate your haunting in a discreet,  professional and understanding manner with the latest detection and research equipment in addition to sensitive or psychic investigators. Whether you are in immediate need of help or you are just looking for more information about your situation you, our client, are our first priority. 

The team at GHoST will be there every step of the way from our initial contact to a final resolution. When we finish, we will leave you at peace with your situation by providing a report of our findings, including any photos and tapes, in order to help you understand what is happening. We will then help guide you on the next steps to provide a positive outcome to your situation. 

Please feel free to call us at (281) 572-1018 or Email us here to talk to us or to schedule a consultation.