Ghost Hunters of Southeast Texas

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Matthew Winn

Co-Founder, Director, and Minister

My name is Matthew Winn I am an ordained minister and I am the Co-Founder and Director of the Ghost Hunters of Southeast Texas team.  I have been interested in paranormal investigation some many years now. I grew up hearing the family ghost stories added with my own personal experiences such as living in several haunted homes leads me to believe that there was more to this world than just what we see with our eyes.

Over the past ten years I have had the privilege of working with one of the nationís top paranormal investigative teams run by one of the few expertís in the field (although she says there are no experts itís an ever changing subject). I bring that experience to the Southeastern part of Texas in order to help those better understand what may be happening in their home.





Team Member

My name is Roxy Guzman. I am married with three children. Ever since I was a little girl I have had several run-ins with the paranormal. Being a small child I was afraid and did not understand what was happening. I was grew older I wanted answers so I became a paranormal ghost hunter. I am a believer but am not quick to say itís haunted until there is proof. I have been an investigator for several years and look to bring my experience to the team. I hope to be able to provide answers and help others to understand a situation they might be afraid of. As someone who was there once, I have a special insight in understanding what a client is going through.




Reichal Winn

Co-Founder and Case Manager

My name is Reichal Winn. I am the Co-Founder and Case Manager for GHoST. You could kind of say paranormal investigations were thrust upon me as I married into it. I have believed in ghosts my whole life having my own experiences and stories. I hope to further my knowledge and gain experience while helping others to understand what they are experiencing. 

Many times what people are going through is quite frightening and I hope to ease their emotions by helping them  understand what is actually happening. Having three kids of my own and living in a haunted home with them has given me a special insight to what itís like dealing with a family and the paranormal which helps me bring that added touch of understanding in these frightening situations.





Colleen Jones

Public Relations

            My name is Colleen Jones. I am new to the Houston area and moved out here for my husband's job. I was raised in Jacksonville FL. And grew up right by one of our nations most haunted cities, St. Augustine. Growing up, I shared my father's interest for the paranormal and unexplained. Going on every ghost tour offered and watching every show centered around the paranormal. After my experiences at an investigation at the Stanley Hotel, I knew I had to pursue this more. I have always had a passion for this work and now I hope to help those in need of explanations while I also learn more and pursue the field.









Lydia Lee

Team Leader and Secretary 

"My name is Lydia Lee. A native Texan, I currently live in southeast Houston. I grew up hearing family ghost stories which have since sparked an insatiable curiosity of the supernatural. My own life has encountered interesting and unexplained phenomenon for which I seek to explain. constantly researching and pursuing the truth which lies behind the unexplained, I consider myself a long time student of the paranormal. Having joined GHoST, I look forward to the opportunities of learning new skills, gaining valuable knowledge, and helping others who find themselves in a very unique situation."








Cheyenne Polk

Team Member and Team Artist


Hi! My name is Cheyenne Polk, I was born and raised in southeast Texas and I'm a newlywed. It has been a very wicked twisted road that brought me to GHoST, I have lost a generous portion of my immediate family to the afterlife, including my mother. And while it is an ongoing struggle to cope and deal, I have since found ways to honor their memory. My mother was an artist, a true undiscovered talent, she was the first one to put a paint brush in my hand, and teach me that blank canvas is nothing more than opportunity and imagination.... and she let me stay up late and watch X-Files as a kid. By joining GHoST I hope to utilize the gifts that she taught me to help others; by emulating their visions and experiences, and creating images that many of us might have never seen.






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To become a GHoST Certified Investigator, trainees
must complete a minimum of the following:

  • Cemetery training investigations

  • Indoor investigation training investigations

  • Equipment training

  • EVP Training

  • Additional classroom sessions

  • 3 months probationary period

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